C4 VerifyTool


Verify Tool

Visual layout in Verify Tool

Curve4's Verify Tool calculates G7 conformance according to the most up-to-date IDEAlliance specifications and returns the results in a clear visual format.

Whether you're looking for G7 Grayscale, G7 Targeted, or G7 ColorSpace compliance, or simply wanting to verify a Color Proof, the Verify Tool summarizes your results with a clear PASS / FAIL badge.

Each color patch used is graphically displayed in comparison to the reference color. Any patches missing from your target will clearly show up in the display.

And if you want SCCA-based (Substrate-Corrected Colorimetric Aims) calculations, Verify can easily handle it, along with subtle G7 differences such as Custom Gray balance.

In short, the Verify Tool gives you confidence in your G7 conformance while remaining easy and flexible to use.


Missing Patches







G7 Master (2019) Compliance

Including optional SCCA, Custom Gray and Proof / Production Tolerances as well as Screen and Flexo alternates

G7 Grayscale

G7 Targeted

G7 ColorSpace

Basic Color Proof

Verify Tool showing failed Proof
For when you simply want to Verify a proof. Any target is supported.