MX Architecture

Maxwell Architecture

Centralized storage & serving Advanced web interface Loads once, navigate quickly Client software where necessary

Centralized System

No need to provision server systems No need to deal with IT / firewalls Easy access for all locations & for customers $0 startup cost, $0 scaling cost We concentrate on color rather than running on everyone’s server

Maxwell Client

Bridges the browser - desktop divide Drives i1 Pro and iSis directly (more to come) Calculates local proof pass/fail Prints color targets & labels All targets serialized for automated reading Creates hot folder interface to Maxwell Supports a wide variety of instruments & workflows Easy upload of multi-file measurement sets

Monitors & tracks displays through DDC, EDID, SDKs Directly drives auto-calibrating EIZO CG 254W (coming soon) Downloads & installs ICC profiles (ColorValet Pro) Store & forward function ensures delivery even for occasionally-online systems Reads iSis target barcodes and routes to tracks Synchronizes with Maxwell reference sets & label layouts change a tolerance or logo and it rolls out world-wide immediately

Section One


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