MX Automation

Maxwell Automation

Color validation and reporting is impossible without timely measurements.

Maxwell's design strategy includes automating wherever possible. If we can reduce mouse clicks, streamline procedures or even remove people from the process entirely, we'll do it!

Maxwell's automation technologies and features fall into several groups:

Setup & Configuration Recognition & Routing Processing Reporting
SmartTarget, AutoScan and other features make setup easy Barcode meta data and SmartTarget help determine which references and tolerances to use. Then the meta data helps tag your measurements for powerful reporting and routes them to the correct Maxwell Tracks

AutoScan and AutoRoute

Blind-scanning of targets Operator places target into waiting iSis Initial read of barcode used to access target info from Maxwell, scanning proceeds While scanning, meta data determines target routing and therefore color aims and tolerances Aims, metrics, tolerances and reporting labels & graphics are downloaded Upon scan completion, metrics are calculated, reports generated & measurements routed into appropriate tracks All zero-config and started by feeding target

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