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What is Maxwell?

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Color can be tough to nail down. If you are in the world of color reproduction, you know how hard it is to get a printer to achieve color the way our eyes see it, the way your customers expect it. While Maxwell can't do all the work for you, Maxwell can help you keep track of the color on all print devices you may have. Maxwell Digital PressWatch and ProofWatch services will confirm when you are on-track - and and let you know when your printer is drifting. Maxwell will also help you diagnose where the problem spots are at. Maxwell even extends this management capability to your measuring instruments, often the most overlooked or ignored piece of the equation. If your spectrophotometer is exhibiting problems, this will equate upstream to your output. Maxwell MeasureWatch will indicate how accurate (or not) your instrument is at any given point.

For over ten years, Maxwell has been helping small to large companies with their color monitoring and reporting. From sole proprietorships with a single printer, to Fortune 50 companies with hundreds of presses, Maxwell provides the key verification of print quality. Browse through Maxwell's suite of services in the left column to get a handle on the different capabilities.

First, a quick overview of Maxwell:

There are two essential components to any Maxwell solution: Maxwell Client software and Maxwell Online

Maxwell Client resides on your local measuring workstation to enable measurements to be as easy as possible. Maxwell drives all of the most common measuring instruments, so you do not need any additional software. You can get Pass / Fail notifications, print labels and reports, and the Maxwell Client will even allow you to keep working if your internet goes down.

Maxwell Online stores all of your measurement data securely. Trend Reports, Heat maps, notifications when measurements fall out of tolerance - are all at your fingertips when it comes to diagnosing problems. For those administering the accounts, Multi-Dimensional Reports help to mine the data that you’re collecting, and point the way to your company's future.

Ready to learn more?

Feel free to explore the various Maxwell services, features and technologies you see on the left hand dock of this page.

Or, if you like, call or email a Maxwell expert at CHROMiX to discuss your needs and questions. Phone is (206) 985-6837 extension 1. Email is <sales>(at)