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MX ProofWatch

ProofWatch Service

ProofWatch keeps an eye on your proofs so you don't have to.

Proof Verification


ProofWatch is the Maxwell service created to specifically monitor the color on proofing systems. ProofWatch makes it easy and inexpensive to accurately 'Track' your color on proofing printers. ProofWatch verifies that your proofer is printing to industry standards (GRACoL, SWOP, etc.) or in-house standards of your own. ProofWatch allows you to print your own customized Pass/Fail label that includes your logo. ProofWatch also provides diagnostic tools to track down problems, and notifies those in your organization who need to know when proofs fail or pass. You can be notified immediately if any measurement ever falls outside your tolerances (or doesn't arrive often enough).

A fundamental concept in Maxwell is called a 'Track'. A Track is where your measurement data resides in chronological order. A Track is also a key element for interacting with most other Maxwell functionalities.

ProofWatch is simple to setup:

Watch this ProofWatch Setup Training YouTube video

After measurement occurs, ProofWatch goes to work for you.

Based on the tolerances you set, Maxwell will provide quick and powerful reports to assess the accuracy of the proof.


The Pass/Fail Report is very visual, Success (a Pass) is denoted by Green check mark √. Failure is denoted by a Red X. It's easy for an operator to immediately know the status of the proofer. This report can also be printed on a label printer and the sticker applied to the proof. (See Pass/Fail example XXXX).

Trend Analysis Report is very visual and easy to identify issues relative to time. (See Trend Report example XXXXX)

Notification Report sends an email for tolerance failure, new measurement, new device. (See Notification Report XXXXX)

Results Summary Report is a tool for analyzing measurement patch problems in deltaE. This report is easy to read and includes a Summary of Metrics performance, a Histogram Summary and a Patch-by-Patch Summary with sort-able columns.

Consider this...

Proofwatch can augment or enhance any verification system that only provides proof-to-proof verification. What good is that? Why not use Maxwell to look at the LARGE picture?

ProofWatch is ideal for any environment, but especially powerful in mixed or hybrid environments. Various RIP's, DFE's (Digital Front End) or workflows provide verification for 'their' system ONLY. What if you have different or multiple vendors for these products? Maxwell doesn't care and is agnostic to these systems. Maxwell ProofWatch accepts your target control strip at the critical point, after it has been processed for final production. Isn't that when you want to measure how things did? That's not to say that Maxwell can't interact with a DFE, a RIP or a workflow. Let CHROMiX know your specific needs, and we'll see how best to address it with Maxwell.

Subscription Pricing

Maxwell ProofWatch is $49 per month for use of up to 10 Tracks. Typically a track is allocated to a unique paper and proof setup or print condition. CHROMiX can bill monthly or quarterly for Tracks.